About Me

You know that feeling you get when you walk into Hobby Lobby or Michaels, or any craft/fabric store? That stop you in your tracks, so much to look at, inspiration everywhere feeling and you don't know where to start? Pinterest captured this feeling for me in my own living room. Suddenly my impossibly "blah" rental house is full of possibilities!

So, what exactly is "Upcycled Decor"? It involves items I find that need to be loved, fixed, painted, or just cleaned up! It can involve large pieces of furniture or making found fabric scraps into gorgeous and comfy pillows. It can be cleaning up an old crystal lamp until it shines again, or painting my art on reclaimed pieces of wood instead of canvas. The end result is (almost always) a much prettier piece than I started with.

I am by no means an expert refinisher, painter, etc. I majored in Recreation (fun time!) and do this as a hobby, hence my items that I end up selling are quite affordable, in my opinion!

This blog also serves as a "Sanity Spot" for me, to talk about things I like and post projects I'm trying. We'll see how well I keep it up, since I have 3 little boys all age 3 and under! See, I need a "Sanity Spot".