Friday, September 14, 2012

Simple Fixes, Great Deals!

I really lucked out while garage-saling yesterday. Usually I can't find much in the way of clothing for my 4 year old boy. Boys are hard on their clothes, and I guess they usually destroy a higher percentage of their clothing as they grow, making for slim pickins' at garage sales. But yesterday I managed to find several shirts and even some pants for him, and most of it was priced at 50 cents, with the odd $1 here and there. 

I almost rejected these pants, but they were only 10 cents, from The Childrens Place, AND the right size, with an adjustable waist (perfect for my skinny guy). 

I knew I'd seen a "how to fix a hole in the knee" post on Pinterest, and used this particular post as my inspiration.

First, I cleaned up the hole by cutting off the frayed bits. This made it much cleaner and easy to work with.

Then I raided my stash of scrap fabric and chose my colors. Black for the inside of the "mouth", and red for a tongue. I ran a rough tongue shape with my sewing machine, not minding the color of the thread, since I trimmed the fabric and then...

... turned it inside out. I wanted it thicker than one piece of fabric, and I wanted the tongue to be free-flapping for extra cuteness

With 3 threads of black embroidery floss, I hand stitched the line down the tongue to get that cartoon-y feel, then sewed it securely to the black mouth background (note to self: use red thread next time to blend in better). I hand stitched roughly around the edges of the hole, attaching the black patch and leaving the tongue out. This part was difficult, since they're size 4T pants it was hard to get my hand inside to get everything to sit securely. I could have used iron on fusing, but really like the stitched look.

Now for the eyes! I cut 2 large white circles, and 2 small black circles. I hand stitched the pupils on before hand stitching the eyes onto the jeans.

Haha! They make me laugh, I think they're adorable. 

Doug thinks they're cool too. "Raaarrrr!"

Strike a pose! (Charlie coming around to see what's up)

Close up! Total cost: 10 cents for the jeans, everything else I had in my stash of craft and sewing supplies. Really hard to beat that!

Thanks so much for stopping by. What do you think of this project?