Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Rescued Ottoman

Hello hello! I finally got a project completed (well, one that I think it blog-worthy.) It's another ottoman! 

These two items were acquired at two separate garage sales in one weekend, both in the "FREE" pile! Score!

The funky chair will have to wait. For now, a smaller project seems like fun. Lets start by stripping off the old fabric...

Ugh, I hate when people "fix" something and don't bother doing it even remotely correctly. No wonder it was in the free pile.

3 of the 4 legs were split at least once. A little wood glue and some heavy clamping got them back together.

Staples, staples, staples!

Since the original screw holes were pretty stripped, I used a trick I found on Pinterest  to revive them! It worked like a charm!

Pretty little legs, wood glues, wood filled, sanded and ready for a new coat of paint! I once again used Rustoleums Heirloom White spray paint. 3 light coats and they were good to go.

So, no photos of the re-upholster project. It's so easy though, any Pinterest search can take you to many great tutorials! 

Here are the legs, snugly reattached to the base. The legs each had one wooden dowel and I was able to salvage three of them. For the beyond repair 4th dowel, I replaced it with a simple dowel screw. Worked perfectly!

Here it is, in all it's lovely glory! To me it looks like it's saying "Ahhhh...." in relief. So pretty! I really need to start "staging" my final photos... ah well. Life with 3 little boys, age 4 and under, makes for a messy house no matter how hard I try!

The requisite Before and After photo! I hope you enjoyed this little project, thanks for visiting!