Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Leftover Buns

The hot dogs I buy come in packages of 8. The buns I buy also come in packages of 8. In a perfect world, this would work out beautifully. However, I have a couple little boys who don't exactly like their hot dogs in a bun, so I'm always left with a few lonely buns in the pantry. 

I could either keep them until the next time I make hot dogs, or use them for other things. I've been known to turn them into mini-garlic loaves (spread garlic laced butter on them and stick them in the toaster oven). Today I decided to do a little something different. 

French toast sticks! 

I was about to use the sliced bread (highly coveted for delicious peanut butter sandwiches) when I saw the package of buns, sadly laying there from this past weekends hot dog meal. The lightbulb turned on, and I got to work! 

I opened each bun and separated the halves. Then I took my trusty pizza cutter roller thing and cut each half IN half, so each full hot dog bun will produce 4 nice long sticks. I beat some eggs, and heated a bit of oil in my frying pan. I proceeded to dip 4 sticks at a time into my egg bowl, and fried them for a couple minutes on each side in the hot oil. Once cooked, I moved them to rest on a plate with a paper towel on it (drainage, yo!) Rinse, repeat.

Serve them up! I put some syrup in a small bowl so the boys could dip their french toast sticks. They were a hit!

Do you have any creative uses for leftover buns? I'd love to hear your ideas!