Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Moving and Other Stories

The move has been going pretty well, we had some nice help with the boys and a little with the actual hauling, and I was able to steal my brother's awesome trailer to use. That was especially helpful, since it's been about 2 weeks since we started moving and we still aren't 100% done (one more trip to pick up a few things in the old garage). 

Awesome trailer, perm-attached to the van!

I've been given pretty much free reign to make any changes to this place that I want, including ripping down wallpaper, painting, etc. Yes, it's a rental, and I won't really see any return on my investment here, but I can honestly see us renting here for several years (she says naively, 2 weeks in). That and the fact that I crave projects with every fiber of my being makes it all OK in my book! 

So, that said, here are a couple of the projects on my "To Do To THIS House" list:

Kitchen! What is with the blue floors? Really? I could either paint over them, or attempt to strip and re-stain them. Thoughts?

I'd love to jazz up these stairs a bit. I'm thinking cream paint on the risers, after the carpet glue is scraped off.

Here's the main bathroom. The color isn't bad, but those gold accents have got to be changed! Luckily I have plenty of spray paint. I'm thinking oil rubbed bronze... and the cabinet will get a facelift. The faucet is quite nice!

No project here except to give all the wood in this house a nice loving rubdown with some lemon oil. Then the gorgeous doors and trim will shine!

OMG, just LOOK at that hardware!!! 

Here's a project... haha! Who paints over house numbers like that?? And there's a lovely wreath the previous renters left for us.

The house also came with wonderful area rugs on the front porch! While cleaning the floor in here, my Mom came to the conclusion that whoever did this painted right over dirt and debris. Maybe a nice sanding and some new paint!

No project here (except for the electrician coming out sometime in the next week, as these garage lights don't work) but isn't that nest adorable?

My deck!!! Room for our gazebo, our grill, our furniture, etc etc etc! Next door is the Parents Resource Center and Playhouse. I'm thinking we need a membership there, I can see us spending many a fun day over there! Other than them, we don't have close neighbors. 

Our view from the deck. Our lot goes all the way back to the trees!

This is serenity.

Okay! So I started tearing the wallpaper off the walls already, with the eager help of my 3.5 and 2 year olds. It's going well! I don't mind the mess and the slow speed of the removal, and the fact that I'm not doing it "right" is going to make it take longer. The boys are having fun, so it's worth it!

 That's a layer of green under the layer of yellow. Interesting... I wonder what else I'll find once the paper backing comes down. Here's hoping the walls are in relatively good shape. Wish me luck!