Friday, May 4, 2012

Vintage Round Ottoman Re-Do!

Last week, my Mom and I finally got together and went junking! It's a favorite pastime of ours; we like to hit garage sales, thrift stores, salvage shops... anything that catches our eye! 

On our first stop of the day we hit the salvage resale shop called "Gotta Go? Maybe Joe!" Basically they'll come and remove stuff you don't want anymore, and some of it hits their resale store. There was a ton of cool stuff! Sitting right outside was this little gem.

 Oooo, vintage ottoman! Nice lines baby! I asked the woman running the store how much it was (pet peeve resale shops, put price tags on your crap!) I was happily surprised when she said $5! SOLD!

I need another project like I need to clean yet another potty training accident off the floor, but who can pass this up? Not me! Project!

 Let's see what we're working with....

 Solid construction, in pretty good shape, but not good enough to not reupholster. Let's start the dissection.

 Caps off the legs. Legs off. Little helper supervising...

 I was smart and bagged up all the leg parts so I didn't lose them. Easy to do in this mess of a house.

 Little helper...

 Piece by piece! It came apart nicely.

 Then I got to this part.. glued down pretty hard! I had to pull really hard to get it to come off.

 More progress!

 Here are the nasty buttons from the top. They were shiny brass on top, but you can tell that someone had spilled something on the ottoman at some point,judging from the rusty bottoms.

 It's NAKED!

There's the old "shell" behind the stuffing, along with the mess that is my living room. I'd apologize for the mess, but I'm more sane if I don't clean it up every 2 seconds only to have my hurricane children mess it up again *wink*

Interesting stuffing, it was in good shape and nice and dense, so I decided to reuse it.

 Here's the inside of the old "shell", kept for measurements. See the button indentations? Haha! I don't know why I find that so funny...

 I dug through my large pile of fabric and decided on this one. So pretty, in muted blue and brown. Notice my other little helper supervising?

This was my first time making my own piping!

Attached the piping to the side piece (the coffee was my helper of choice that morning)

 and to the top! (Coffee = gone)

 Then I stretched the new cover over the stuffing, but didn't take pics of that process since it involved a lot of swearing. Then I covered some new buttons for the tufting on top!

 The new cover is secured with staples (I heart my staple gun!)

 Now to hide the ugly underside and the staples, and re-attach the leg holder thingies

 Cut to size and notched the fabric to help fold it under

 Pretty! Hot glue is my best friend!

I painted the legs and the leg cap things, but didn't take pics. 
I just used spray paint! Here's the finished product:

 Pretty!! I like it! What do you think?

 The padding needs to redistribute a bit, so I'll leave it down for the kids to crawl on for awhile, it should even out nicely.

 Another project done! Here's a handy before and after pic. Yay!