Saturday, May 19, 2012

Thrifty Funnies!

I see a lot of funny and interesting things when I'm out thrifting. I have an album on my personal Facebook page where I share photos of things I found funny enough to snap a quick picture of with my iPod, and thought I'd share here on my blog also! 

Since the pictures are taken with my iPod Touch 4th Generation and it has limited picture quality abilities, these photos are never high quality, but you should get a giggle or two out of them, at least I hope! 

Disclaimer! I have a dirty sense of humor! You have been warned! Don't worry, no nudity, but innuendo runs rampant! Enjoy! 

First, a classic:

 Haha, Knob... (is that humor... humour.. too British?)

Ohh Grimace! What ARE you doing to Ronald??

What's this clown so sad about?*insert cartoon sad music here* Waa waaa waaaaaaaaaaa!

I giggled a little too much when I saw this, other shoppers were looking at me funny!

Romantic sweaters! Complete with nubby textures!