Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Our Upstairs Bathroom: The Saga

Chapter 1: 'Before' and 'Privacy Issues'

It's nice having an extra 3/4 bathroom in the house we're renting. It's rather small and has its problems, and I'd love to make it "cuter". Paint and a little trim will work wonders in there! 

My first project is tackling the window issue. 


Craptastic blinds... they're dusty, dirty, and bent like crazy!

The hardware is gross. The paint is chipping...

And someone was too lazy to tape off the windows when they painted (the OUTSIDE! I can't even scrape it off! Meh!!!)

I don't want any hanging window treatments. I worry about the aim of my recently potty trained 3.5 year old, not to mention the always messy and messing with stuff 2 year old, and the 6 month old baby who is full of disastrous potential. However, I do need something so the neighbors on the back hill can't see us when we're showering or "making a potty" (as the 3.5 year old calls it). 

Norie enjoys the view, but she'll have to deal with my solution. First I measured each window pane and wrote it down. Excuse my messy drawing!

I made up a nice starch solution (recipe and inspiration found here and here), and cut some fabric from my massive collection to size. 

I was going to brush the starch on, but found it easier and way more fun to soak it and get my hands all in it. I squeezed out the excess solution...

... and started sticking them to the window panes. They stuck perfectly, and I used a random plastic card to squeegee out the bubbles and smooth the fabric. 

Norie is wondering what's happening to her view!

Kitty confusion is adorable

I imagine she's thinking "I can still see out this window!"

and now "WTF?"

Yay! Can't see out, can't see in, but plenty of light. I don't like how you can still see the shadow of the horrible paint job, but I'm thinking I might be able to paint some sort of "frame" onto the fabric with my acrylics to mask that. We'll see.

Good solution! And it will come down easily when (if) they ever get around to putting in new windows. 

Now... it's screaming for paint. But that's another chapter in the Upstairs Bathroom Saga!