Monday, May 7, 2012

Fabric Flowers

 Keeping me busy today (besides feeding the boys, changing diapers and generally being a Mom) are fabric flowers! I simply searched Pinterest for "Fabric Flowers" and came up with many tutorials to follow. 

First I tried mini-rosettes! It's true, once you get the hang of the twist and fold and glue method, they're very easy! 

 This one is my favorite. I'm going to make it into a ring. Would you wear one?

 Next I tried the "scallop a length of fabric and stitch a gathering stitch and swirl the flower around and around and add a pretty bead or something to the middle" method. So cute! Once I get some pin-backs I'm going to make this into a pin. Pin it to a shirt or jacket, a purse, a hat, a hair-tie, etc. Would you wear one?

 I did another scalloped flower but have yet to add any trailing ribbon. I was thinking turquoise. What do you think?

Thanks for stopping by! I'd love to hear your comments!