Friday, May 18, 2012

Best. Friday. EVER!

I am beyond thrilled right now! I loaded the boys up into the minivan to run some errands and hit some garage sales (and get a caramel frappe from McDonalds... or as Doug calls it "Old McDonalds", which makes me laugh). What treasure did I find while hitting some sales? Take a look:

Isn't she beautiful? She's in pretty good shape for her age. Some chips, the drawers are a tad wonky, but nothing I can't fix. The original casters are tucked in one of the drawers. Swoon!

Guess how much they wanted for it?

Ten. Dollars.


I couldn't fit it in my van since it was filled with 3 little boys, a "just in case" double stroller, and I had to have room to pick up these other little treasures that a friend was giving to me:

They're so adorable and I love them! If you can't tell, they're a pair of kids sized chairs. The upholstery is a little worn out and there are some tears, so I plan to reupholster them at some time in the future. Big shout out and huge THANKS to good friends who give you stuff. Thanks again Cathy!

So what do you think? Best Friday ever or what?!?!?!