Thursday, April 19, 2012

Refinished Coffee Table to Storage Bench!

Yay! This actually turned out very nice, in my opinion! I had a coffee table that we haven't used in a few years. It just sits in the storage area, with boxes on top of it, taking up space. That and the top keeps coming off. Darn Target furniture and their loose cam bolts/nuts! (Haha, nuts).

Here is a similar table available on Amazon
(Affilliate link, if you buy through me I get a very small percentage. Thanks!)

See? The top comes right off!

Here's my measuring tape:

and the rest of my materials (egg crate foam mattress pad thingy, batting, and some laminate paneling stuff I found for a dollar!

Glued, nailed, caulked, sanded, primed:

Yeah, not doing the inside...

Now to upholster and add tufted buttons to the "lid"

Cue the "little helper

Found some hinges amongst our tools, and bent them to fit. Use what you have, right?

Here she is!

Here's the inside... I used the blue fabric to cover the button holes and staples.

Here are the hinges. The first ones I tried didn't work, hence the random holes...

Oh yeah, I can stuff tons of crap in there! Or use it for extra sheets, whatever.

So pretty, and comfy! And it matches the vanity and chair. My room is slowly coming together!

Like it? I'd love your comments!

Thanks Lindsey!