Thursday, April 12, 2012

A "Quick" Re-cover Project!

While thrifting recently at Goodwill, I came across these little cushy stool thingies:

At $1.99 each I couldn't just leave them there! They'd be perfect for kiddo seating in the toy room, recovered in fabric that I also found at Goodwill that day!

Determined to recover them "correctly", I set myself to removing the dancer fabric. I found they had been recovered before!

And they used to match. Very cute! Let's keep going... 

Huh... another layer! This is a denim type fabric with stars painted on.

Very interesting finish job. Let's keep going!

This is a canvas type fabric that someone lovingly decorated with markers.

Not really my style... let's keep going!


Makes me want Lucky Charms for some reason... let's keep going!

 Ah, finally. The nasty old cushion pieces. Falling apart but luckily not smelling like feet or cat pee.

I'd love to see a time-lapse slideshow of their life before I found them. 
Here's one cleaned up and re-stacked:

And covered first in the old canvas layer (turned inside out) to act as a nice strong batting. I used a lot of hot glue to attach this fabric.

After a little measuring and sewing and lining up lines, we have one finished! Well, almost finished. I still need to hand stitch the other end closed.

I'll get to the second stool soon. I love the suiting fabric on these, they'll grow nicely with the boys!